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Ground Transportation

The Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport is conveniently located only four miles northeast of Ithaca just off of NYS Route 13.

Taxi Service 

Ithaca Dispatch (

University Taxi: (607) 277-7777
Cayuga Taxi: (607) 277-TAXI (8294)
Yellow Cab Co: (607) 277-CABS (2227)

Family Rate
- Base rate (ask dispatcher/driver) + $4 per add'l passenger
- Children under 13 ride free
Rides within 1 mile of the airport
- $12 for 1st passenger
- $6 for add'l passenger (non-family to same destination)
- $4 for add'l passenger (family to same destination)
Non-related passenger pricing to same destination
- Base rate + ½ price for add'l passengers to same destination
Luggage charges
- No charge for any luggage

Sample Rates (single passenger)
- Cornell...............$16.00
- Ithaca College....$18.00
- Downtown.........$16.00


Collegetown Cab: 607-588-8888  (

Rides within 1 mile of the airport
-$12 base fare.
Rides beyond 1 mile of the airport
- $15 minimum base fare.
Extra Charges:
-$1.50 per check-in bag or carry-on bag. Backpacks, purses, laptop bags, etc. free.
-$1.50 per additional passenger of same party.
-$0.50 per person evening surcharge between 8:00pm - 5:00am.
Shared-ride Discounts:
-Luggage and evening surcharges are free when subject to a shared-ride.

Sample Rates (single passenger)
- Cornell...............$15.00
- Ithaca College....$17.00
- Downtown.........$15.00


TCAT: (607) 277-7433

Rental Cars

AVIS Reservations: 1-800-831-2847 -
Hertz Reservations: 1-800-654-3131 -
Local Office: (607) 257-8677

  • Delta Airlines
  • USAirways
  • United Airlines
Free Wi-Fi

Enjoy free wi-fi at the airport, and learn more about our facilities and why you should fly ITH.